Specialized Technical Assistance

Engineers and trained technicians, qualified for the most diverse maintenance, pre-diagnostics and solutions of medical-hospital, laboratory and outpatient equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

Correction of defects in equipment with total and / or partial stopping of the equipment, making changes of parts or replacements.

Preventive Maintenance

Systematic control and monitoring action, with the objective of reducing or preventing failures in equipment performance, following planning criteria, leading to longer equipment life and lower risk of shutdown and / or breakdown.

Electrical Safety Test

The test is performed in accordance with NBRIEC 62353 and NBRIEC60601. Aiming to bring safety to the operator and patient, ensuring that electromedical equipment is not supplying or driving harmful currents to those involved.


The calibration aims to give safety and reliability to the equipment, thus delivering equipment with the reliability that the readings or values ​​generated by them are safe and within the tolerances and standards stipulated by the manufacturers, following the regulations of NBRIEC60601, as well as issuing traceable certificates by the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC).


  • Centrifuges 
  • Conservation Cameras 
  • Blood Chambers 
  • Incubation Chambers 
  • Drying Oven
  •  Maria bath 
  • Phototherapy Equipment 
  • Stationary and transport incubators 
  • Fetal Doppler 
  • Heated Cradle
  • Multiparameter Monitor
  • Pulse oximeter 
  • Mechanical Fan
  • Car Anesthetic 
  • Defibrillator 
  • Cardioversor 
  • Electrocardiograph 
  • Sphygmomanometer