The calibration aims to give safety and reliability to the equipment, thus delivering equipment with the reliability that the readings or values ​​generated by them are safe and within the tolerances and standards stipulated by the manufacturers, following the regulations of NBRIEC60601, as well as issuing traceable certificates by the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC).



* Centrifuges 

* Conservation Chambers 

* Blood Chambers 

* Incubation Chambers 

* Drying Oven 

*Maria bath 

Neo Care

* Phototherapy Equipment 

* Stationary Incubators 

* Transportation Incubators 

* Fetal Detector 

* Heated Cradle 

Life Support

* Multiparametric Monitor 

* Mechanical Fan 

*Pulse oximeter 

* Defibrillator 

* Cardioversor *Electrocardiograph